Week in Reading: September 6th

Post-race beers at the Thorpewood Trails 10k

What a (long) weekend. I don't know about the rest of you, but the temperatures here were absolute perfection these past three days -- I spent the weekend running (a 10 mile training run on Saturday and a 10k trail race with friends on Sunday), airing out the house (it was cool enough to turn off the AC for a few days!), and generally catching up on things like breathing and laundry and dishes. My pseudo-slump continues (I've picked up nothing but assigned and/or book club books since I last whinged about not reading much), though I'm really enjoying the assigned-to-me books I'm picking up.

I'm about 280 pages into The Count of Monte Cristo (which is simultaneously a hell of a dent, and yet leaves me with 1200+ pages to go...) and am really enjoying it thus far. This is a re-read, though I admit I remember *very* little of my initial read (the majority of which was done with the book in my lap under my desk when working a summer office job in high school). I wrapped up Blood at the Root last week (September release, stay tuned for a full review; in short, this was really interesting) and am mostly enjoying the essays in I'll Tell You in Person by Chloe Caldwell (October release, stay tuned for a full review). Up next I'm eying A City Dreaming (contemporary magicians in New York City?) or possibly A Study in Scarlet Women, which promises and intriguing take on the traditional Sherlock Holmes stories.

And who am I kidding... I might pick up some shiny new fall book, or I might just keep trucking along with my assignments since those seem to be clicking for me right now.


What are you reading this week?


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