Social Justice Book Club: The New Jim Crow Schedule & Plans

After hearing from several participants about ideas for fostering more discussion for the Social Justice Book Club group reads, I've decided to go ahead and make a few changes for the August club read. As always, think of these as optional upgrades; life happens, things come up, and I know strict readalong schedules and posting requirements can quickly become a burden. But, in hopes of finding more ways to connect with other readers in the club, here we go...


The New Jim Crow Reading Schedule

August 1st: Start date 

(Optional intro post/check-in 8/1; I'll share discussion questions here a few days in advance)

August 1st-15th: Chapters 1-3

(Optional mid-way post/check-in 8/15; I'll share discussion questions here a few days in advance)

August 16th-31st: Chapters 4-6

August 31st: The End! Link up reviews, final thoughts, etc. etc. etc.

(Stay tuned, too, for a hoped-for Q&A post with author Michelle Alexander)


The New Jim Crow Introductory Discussion Questions

At the start, middle and end of this month's reading, I'll post discussion prompts on this blog that participants can respond to in a blog post, tweets, on Instagram or Litsy photos, or any other number of platforms you can imagine that I haven't even thought of yet. For those who like to plan out blog posts and whatnot in advance, I'll post discussion questions a few days before the end of each section.

If you're not much for blog posts and social media sharing, commenting is great too--and Disqus, the platform I use for comments here, can and will notify you of follow-up comments, so it can be a great space for discussions.


Social Justice Book Club Twitter Chat

There's been a lot of interest in a scheduled Twitter chat as an additional component of this shared reading event. If we were to host a Twitter chat, would any of the following times work for all?


What do ya'll think? Will this work, logistically? I'm always open to ideas and suggestions, so feel free to chime in in the comments or shoot me an email at ofabookworm AT gmail DOT com if you've got ideas to make this all work better! 


And it's not too late to sign up!

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