Week in Reading: April 18th

Happy Tax Day, fellow Americans! (Happy April 18th, non-U.S. readers!)

As promised, I've done a lot of traveling and not a lot of writing. Not as promised, I haven't done a lot of reading: I spent a surprising amount of my six hours of airport time and two hours of flight time this weekend talking to strangers instead of reading. Who even am I?

Which means this week's reading stack looks almost exactly like last week's...

I am slowly working through Just Mercy for the Social Justice Book Club. It's an incredible, rage-inducing book, and I find that I have to put it down every chapter or so to catch my breath and digest what I've been reading. Highly recommend. I still have Challenger Deep on audio--it's proving an interesting tale of mental illness and perspective--and am enjoying my re-read of The Name of the Wind, though there is no way I'll finish it in time for tomorrow's book club discussion.

For review copies, I couldn't get into Jensen Beach's short stories (a classic case of "it's not you, it's me"), so I'm looking ahead instead to Champagne Uncorked.

What's on your reading stack this week? 

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