Week in Reading: March 28

We're facing down the end of March already... when did that happen? It's been a slow reading week for me, so my stack looks disappointingly similar to last week's:

I listened to a mere hour of Born to Run last week, so that's still what I've got going on my headphones. Similarly, I read some of American Gods but not enough to move it off of this week's stack, and I'm still hoping to pick up The Killing Moon. I'm eying a few May releases, but nothing has grabbed me yet (to be honest, I'm not much in the mood to start something new at the moment).

And, perhaps most excitingly, I'm definitely picking up Just Mercy at the end of this week for the first rendition of the Social Justice Book Club! Won't you join us? (It's all very laid back and you're welcome to pop into discussions even if you aren't able to read along in April.)


What are you reading this week?


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