Week in Reading: December 7

decked the halls christmas decorations pets
My halls are decked. So are my pets.

'Tis, as they say, the season: to be merry and joyful (falala)*, to deck the halls, to be jolly. I know there are lots (and lots) of folks out there who find the whole Christmas thing more a burden than a joy. There's all the work associated with getting the tree and decorating the tree and hanging the lights and vacuuming up the tree needles (for days) and making cookies and holiday parties and sending Christmas cards and let me just tell you, I love every. damn. second. of it all.

So today, I'm sitting here typing this post wearing a Charlie Brown Christmas sweatshirt, sipping coffee with a spot of egg nog in it, thinking about where we'll go tonight to pick out our first tree in our first house, wondering what Christmas-themed reading I'll find in this week amidst a few January deadlines. On my stack:

Fallen Land promises to be one-part love story, one part beautiful language, all against the backdrop of the final year of the Civil War. I'm fascinated by this period of history and hoping this stands up to my (high) expectations. I don't know as much about Here Come the Dogs, but it's eying me from my stacks this week, as is Case of Lisandra P. And then: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, which will be the *last* book in my 2015 Read Harder Challenge.

Ok, so none of those are very Christmas-y, which means I'll expect some deviation from the list. Per usual.


What are you reading this week?


Don't forget: I'm running the Clean Your Reader challenge again, January - March. It's easy to participate (just read e-books you already own!) and even easier to sign up.

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