Week in Reading: November 30

It's a cold, grey, perfectly New England November day as I sit and write this, though by the time the post goes live, we'll be well on our way home after a wonderful weekend of family and entirely too much food. I'm sipping coffee from my mother-in-law's Christmas mugs and thinking of the many, many things I have to get done when I get home and wishing I had more time to curl up and read as the weather turns colder and the days get shorter and more fully packed. On my stack this week:

I read and/or listen to A Christmas Carol* every. single. year., and this year will be no different. Two years ago, I dug up a Jim Dale narration of the story; last year, it was Patrick Stewart reading; this year, I'm going for Tim Curry's reading (though there's also a Neil Gaiman podcast version from the NYPL that is calling my name). I'm also (still) working through the rest of Bill Bryson's At Home*, which I am loving and therefore savoring with only a few pages a day. I'm hoping to finish up the tail end of Travelers Rest, a January novel from Keith Lee Morris, in the car today, and then will be diving into The Rosie Project for our December book club pick.

*Once I've finished both of these, I'll be one full book and two half books shy of finishing my 2015 Read Harder Challenge. BOOM.

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