Week in Reading: November 10

I'm a day late and probably a dollar (or several) short in getting this up this week; I was in New York this weekend (in part for the Book Riot Live cocktail hour at the Strand--which was wonderful!) and chose to dedicate my limited suitcase space to extra books instead of my laptop. And those short dollars were spent on books (and bagels) while there. So now here I am, prepping for a week of nonfiction reading for the continued celebrations of Nonfiction November.

I started At Home: A Short History of Private Life on the bus ride back from New York, and hot damn, why has no one told me how delightfully nerdy and etymological this book is before? I'm loving it. When I got too carsick to read on the bus, I switched to H is for Hawk on my headphones, and am loving the little I've listened to so far. And because I've been in the mood for something reflective and thoughtful, I'm finally, finally hoping to start When Women Were Birds this week. (Not pictured: I'm also starting The Blind Assassin for the revival of a mini-long-distance book club with a dear friend.)

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