#Readathon:The Master Post

It's here! #Readathon is upon us. I'll be using this post as my "home" for the day, with updates on my reading stack, schedule, snacks, etc. 

I'll be tying a donation to my count of pages read & books completed to this awesome Bookstagram Team raising funds for Pencils of Promise. More info below.

Hour 16 (11pm):

I didn't get so much reading in in the last 4 hours, but I had an absolute blast stepping in to co-host the Readathon for two hours (most of which I spent on Twitter!) and then sat down to dinner and dessert with The Beard. I'd have taken a picture of the apple tart he made for dessert but I didn't think to do that until after I'd eaten half of it (and it wasn't nearly as pretty then). 

  • Books Read: 
    • Fates and Furies (complete)
    • Citizen (completed)
  • Pages Read: 551
  • Hours Read: 6hrs, 45min
  • Dollars Raised: $32.55

Hour 12 (7pm):

The last few hours weren't particularly productive on the reading front: I took a shower (much-needed), had snack, and took some time to Skype with my family in CT. I did start Citizen, by Claudia Rankine (excellent, truly, and thought-provoking, which I love), and am now taking a break to head over to co-host the Readathon website/Twitter handle for the next two hours. I'll be back to the books at 9 or so after co-hosting and dinner!
  • Books Read: 
    • Fates and Furies (complete)
    • Citizen
  • Pages Read: 459
  • Hours Read: 6hrs, 45min
  • Dollars Raised: $25.45


Hour 9 (4pm):

Coming up for air after a whirlwind of a read with Fate and Furies. Seriously, so, so excellent. I'm risking a book hangover but want to give the rest of my stack proper attention, so I'm going to take a quick break to shower and grab a snack, and then head back to the books. Maybe Citizen next. Or maybe Dostoevsky. The choices!

  • Books Read: 
    • Fates and Furies (complete)
  • Pages Read: 391
  • Hours Read: 5 hrs, 30min
  • Dollars Raised: $22.55


Hour 6 (1pm):

Guys I am totally and completely swept up in Fates and Furies, and have only stopped reading because I'm very, very hungry. A quick break for lunch and then I'll be consuming the second half of this breathtakingly beautiful novel about marriage and love and knowing and all the in betweens. 

  • Books Read: 
    • Fates and Furies
  • Pages Read: 218
  • Hours Read: 3hrs, 30min
  • Dollars Raised: $10.90
And don't forget to check out the ongoing mini-challenges over at the Readathon main page. There's a great one starting with top ten tips for readathon-ers as we speak!


Hour 4 (11am):

3 hours of Readathon behind already (how is that even possible!?) and I've spent 2 hours of those reading Fates and Furies. WHICH IS EXCELLENT.

  • Books Read: 
    • Fates and Furies
  • Pages Read: 120
  • Hours Read: 2hrs, 0min
  • Dollars Raised: $6.00

There are some really fun mini-challenges going on right now too:

two diverse books on my current readathon stack

Others may choose something more exotic, but I'd love to escape into the stories of HoNY; the people, stories and very city of NYC are so inspiring to me. Plus, NYC = bagels.
I'm off to stop by some blogs, then back to Fates and Furies!


Hour 1 (8am):

I've got a stack of books lined up for the day, a cozy nook to read them in, and a delicious menu planned by one very supportive husband. Bring it on, readathon!

Pre-event Survey:

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?

The ever-lovely Frederick, MD. Seriously, this town is absurdly lovely.

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?

Currently, Fates and Furies... but I could never pick just one!

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?

My husband's planned a whole freakin' readathon menu (see below). I could never pick just one!

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!

In addition to this blog, I review for Shelf Awareness for Readers, Bookspan, and Readerly. Suffice it to say my house is drowning in books and it is the best. When I'm not reading and reviewing, I work for a grantmaking non-profit and I absolutely love my job.

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
I'm not cheering this time around--I think I just forgot to sign up!--which I'll definitely miss.


Up first: Fates and Furies, by Lauren Groff. Cannot wait.

the reading stack

the official menu for the day

Donation Plans:

As in past years, I'm pledging a donation for the pages/books I read during Readathon: $0.05/page plus an additional $2.50 per book completed. An awesome group of bloggers/bookstagram-ers have teamed up to run a 24-hour fundraising campaign for Pencils of Promise to coincide with the readathon, which is where I'll be sending my donation dollars this time around.

Pencils of Promise believes "every child should have access to quality education. We create schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all. 100% of online donations go to PoP programs." For more information on the organization, visit their website.

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