Week in Reading: August 17

I didn't read anything this weekend, but that's ok, because I ran eight miles (and filled my water bottle from a mountain spring mid-run, which made the two-mile up-hill trek worth every step) and celebrated my SIL's surprise engagement with an impromptu road trip to visit family. While I'm ok with not reading for a few days (life events trump reading sometimes, though I'll admit it's a rarity), the break means my stack for this week is even more ambitious than it normally is:

I've got book club meetings tomorrow night (The Nightingale, which I actually finished on Friday--a fast-paced World War II read that I enjoyed, though there are other WWII historical fiction books I liked far more) and Wednesday night (Narcoland, for a Curious Iguana series on Latin American voices). I'm also eying some September releases: Not on Fire But Burning, which I know very little about, but it sounds somewhat post-apocalyptic--plus, that title!; and Big Magic, the new book on living your best creative life, out next month from Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame (I've never read the latter, but am excited to try out the former).


What do you have on your stacks this week?

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