Week in Reading: July 27

I'm writing this on the front porch of my aunt's beach house, catching the ocean breeze from a few blocks away and devouring some truly wonderful Jersey-shore bagels (I love Maryland, but we are not known for our bagel supply). Despite a few days of beach weather, I didn't get all that much reading done, so this week's reading stack looks shockingly similar to last week's:

Note: The exact same stack of books I was reading last week.

I did finish Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg last week, which left me breathless--seriously, put this on your list for September. It's excellent. As I wind down on SuperBetter and Americanah this week--both fairly lengthy books--I'm looking forward to picking up the forthcoming Sarah Vowell book, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.

Anyone else having a lazy week of summer reading*? What's on your stack this week?

*The lovely ladies at the Socratic Salon are talking today about summer slumps.

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