#BlumeALong Linkup: Summer Sisters

I've written and re-written this first paragraph so many times that I've actually lost count at this point. I keep trying to find a way to introduce Summer Sisters in a way that does the book justice, and I keep failing. I want to find a way to express how pleasantly surprised I was to find an adult book that so effortlessly crossed from childhood to adulthood; that so perfectly captured both the innocent curiosity of middle-schoolers and the angsty trials of college and first loves and first heartbreaks; that so wonderfully explored the nuance of childhood friendships as they bend and twist and turn into adult friendships.

I expected to enjoy Summer Sisters more than Are You There God? It's Me Margaret, but I didn't expect the characters and situations of Summer Sisters to resonate with me quite as much as they did. Without ever having had a summer sister of my own, Blume's depiction of a complicated friendship founded on love and respect and competition and possessiveness felt scarily close to a real-life description of my relationship with my one-time best friend. Though I never vacationed on the Vineyard for summers on end, I fully appreciated Blume's representation of that one perfect, important summer in youth that remains crystallized in memories for years and years. Though I am not as young now as some were when they first came to Summer Sisters, I so truly appreciate Blume's frank and candid depictions of sex and sexuality from middle school through adulthood.

My only regret is not having read the damn book sooner--something I hope to correct with more of Blume's works to come. Those who've read her everythings: what should I read next??


What did you think? If this was your first time reading Blume, was it a good entry point? If you're revisiting the book, what was it like as a re-read? How is Blume's work in young adult different from her work in adult fiction?

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  1. Oh boy do I need to re-read this one. Was just commenting on Shaina's post about it - I think I read it in high school, so it's easily been over a decade since I read it, and I have NO memory of it. Just purchased it today - no idea where my old copy is!

  2. I loved it! It was a lot better than I had expected (I was a bit worried after Are you There God? It's Me Margaret let me a bit underwhelmed).

  3. Finally got my #BlumeALong post up! For realz, when are we reading Wifey? ;)


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