#BEA15: By the (Cook)books

One last round-up of BEA goodies for those, like me, who believe cookbooks are special part of the publishing world. Because of production costs, cookbook galleys can be limited, so BEA's a great opportunity to connect with cookbook publishers and get a sneak peek of what's coming up:

Crossroads (Artisan, October 2015): I'm as surprised as the rest of you that this vegan cookbook caught my eye, but the publicist promises it's divine--and the brief glimpse I got supports his claims.

The Lost Recipes of Prohibition (The Countryman Press, October 2015): HOW COULD I NOT LOVE THIS.

Sweet, Savory (and sometimes Boozy) Cupcakes (The Countryman Press, August 2015): See above.

Sweet Envy (The Countryman Press, October 2015): Super fancy, super simple. My kind of baking.

The Food Lab (Knopf, September 2015): This looks to be the bible of all cookbooks coming out this year; in-depth coverage to come in Shelf Awareness.

Hartwood (Artisan, October 2015): One breathtaking cookbook (in a world of breathtaking cookbooks), exploring food from the Yucatan (which I'll fully admit to knowing little about).

Making Dough (Quirk, November 2015): Back to basics with the quirkiest of publishers--dough! This is a weak spot in my own cooking repertoire, so I'm intrigued.

The Up South Cookbook (The Countryman Press, October 2015): Southern food, Brooklyn-style.

As with other books acquired at BEA, I'll be covering these closer to publication date, so stay tuned for more depth on each. 

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