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It's Saturday! And though I'm reading a ton (currently: devouring California by Edan Lepucki on my Nook and listening to Cuckoo's Calling by JK Rowling Robert Galbraith in the car), I'm a bit burnt out on talking about books*, given a crunch of deadlines that all fell in the same two-week span. So instead, here are some non-book things I'm loving, in a trend I might continue over the coming weeks to explore some of my non-bookish delights. They do exist.

This week, it's lavender: lavender everything, lavender everywhere.

How supremely unoriginal, I know, but then--how is it that I managed to not actually plant lavender in my house for such a very long time? (Or any plants, for that matter, but that's a conversation for another day.) Plant: Home Depot, ~$4. Mason Jar Pot: Christmas Tree Shops, $6.99.

Sounds like it would be weird and overly floral. It isn't. It's divine (on salad, on cheese, dropped in seltzer water--use your imagination). I expect most olive oil/vinegar stores (which seem to be popping up everywhere) will have a version of this, though mine's from L.O.V.E. Oil & Vinegar in Frederick, MD (they ship!). $18 for 375 mL, but you only need a splash at a time. 

I'm loving the bubble bath and the lotion of late, though I also have the pillow spray (smells divine, doesn't last long). From Bath & Body Works, $10+. 


Any favorite lavender items to share?


*File under: Things we didn't know were possible.


  1. One if the best cocktails I've ever had was made with lavender! I've seen quite a few recipes on Pinterest, so if you enjoy the occasional potent potable I'd recommend trying one!

  2. I'm a total freak, but I hate the smell of lavender. One time in high school, I was riding in a friend's car, and the early fall heat made her lavender air freshener smell REALLY intense, and I haven't been able to stand the scent since then. I am fully aware of how weird this is.

    (Yay for sharing your non-bookish loves! I love seeing other sides of bloggers.)

  3. YES. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products for all your lavender cleaning needs. You're welcome. I prefer the basil scent myself, but there are SO many good ones!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS. How did I not know they had a lavender line? I've used the basil one for years (have that concentrate of counter spray that lasts forever), but now will replace that with lavender everything.

  5. I don't think it's weird at all (though I do love the scent of lavender); very few things are worse than over-air-freshened-hot cars.

    And I hope to continue more non-bookish loves in the future. It's something I've been meaning to do anyway but just never quite got around to, somehow.


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