Week in Reading: February 24, 2014

I'm coming off a winter weekend (we got eight inches of snow on Saturday followed by 48-degree weather and lots of melting on Sunday followed by 18-degree highs on Monday with lots of icing) that didn't include a lot of reading, though I did finish Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China for a book club meeting tonight. I missed a lot of the internet (specifically Twitter, it seems) drama because I had family visiting, so was offline most of the weekend. Based on the little bit I saw floating around today, I'm pretty grateful to have been offline for all of this noise and enjoying the snow and the fireplace instead... a trend I plan to continue this week.

In Print:

I'm about fifty pages into The Illuminations, by Andrew O'Hagan today, and plan to finish that this week, and have started to look out to April (!) review copies that just flowed in. Up first: Orhan's Inheritance, by Aline Ohanesian (Algonquin Books, April 7th). I'm also slowly working my way through Michael Paterniti's essays in Love and Other Ways of Dying; I've been reading an essay here and there, and have found I really love Paterniti's use of language to bring both the mundane and the incredible to life.

On My Headphones:

And, because technology is thwarting me (I'm looking at you, OneClick Digital app), I currently can't continue to listen to Geek Love for the Estella Society readalong. In the meantime, I've started James McBride's Song Yet Sung on audio--and I'm loving it so far. I've also started to dabble in The Nerdette podcast, per Shannon's recommendation. If you pick just one episode to listen to, let it be the Margaret Atwood one.

What are you reading this week?


  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying Nerdette! I think I'll be following your advice on the internet this week as much as I can...I'm desperate for a break.

  2. Girl, you are very lucky to have missed the Twitter drama. I got very friendly with the mute button today and I'm going to try to steer clear for the rest of the week.

    I just started listening to the Nerdette podcast, too! I didn't see that there's a Margaret Atwood episode, but now I must hunt it down.

  3. Yeah, I was online yesterday and Twitter was strangely quiet... then I pieced together bits of why and decided I preferred the quiet.

    The Margaret Atwood episode is all the way back in November, I think. Basically I just love her, so automatically download/read/buy anything with her name on it :-)

  4. It's so fun! Thanks again for the rec. I want to look for the Bitch Media one as well but it doesn't appear to be in Stitcher, so I've got to figure that out somehow.


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