Adventures in Time & Space (My Bookish Problems)

My top ten book-related problems, in no particular order:
  1. Time: I will never have enough time to read all of these books.
  2. Time: I will never finish my stack of to-be-released books before they all publish.
  3. Time: I will never read all the books on my shelf.
  4. Time: I will never get to all of the classics on my list.
  5. Time: I will never stop acquiring books and expanding the TBR list, which means I will never not have a TBR list.
  6. Time: I will never read all of the backlist of my favorite authors.
  7. Time: I will never discover all of the new authors I wish I had time to discover.
  8. Time: I will never read all of the impossibly long novels I want to read.
  9. Time: I will never have read 100% of the must-read lists of the world.
  10. Space: I will also never have enough space to store all these books.
I love each and every one of these facts with so much of my readerly heart, because combined, they mean I will never stop learning, exploring, and expanding--and I will never know how it feels not to have something to read next.

What are the bookish problems in your reading lives? 


  1. The insane amount of books being released the first 10 days of March. I have 11 on the shelf and based on what I'm hearing A LITTLE LIFE will take me almost a week to read and a month to recover. Kind of blows scheduling all to pieces.

  2. YES! So many good books in March--and I had the same (good!) problem in February. I've pretty much given up on deadlines for anything but my Shelf reviews, since I don't really have a choice on those deadlines, and am just reading what I feel like. It feels good, too.

  3. I absolutely love your list! And what you said at the end! :) I completely agree 100%! Time is my biggest issue too.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  4. I'm picking that one up soon :) I'm a little worried b/c my expectations are so high!

  5. Haha! I love how 9 of 10 of your items are true! That's really all it boils down to, right? It's the only thing that has a fixed pie size. I'm especially lamenting the backlist issue right now too...there are so many I want to read and I feel like I'll never get to them!

  6. That's what I'm starting to think... everyone loves it so much! I'm trying to stay away from the reviews so I can go in relatively blind, but it's hard. It seems to be everywhere.

  7. It's so hard! So many books, so little time!

  8. I know. My husband is building bookshelves for me (we just moved) and most of my books have been in storage for almost 2 years... I'm sure as I unpack I will feel completely overwhelmed by all the books I haven't read and feel like I'll never get to.

  9. Time and space is really the center of all our bookish problems.

  10. This is so great...and totally summarizes so many of the problems we all have just perfectly. AND you managed to turn them into a positive.

  11. Well done! And a resounding YES to all of these.


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