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It's been nearly three months (three!) since we left for our month of European adventures, and I'm still (slowly) working through all the photos of our trip. It's taking longer than anticipated, but it's an delightfully meditative process; going through each day in photos is like reliving the very best parts of each day, and then picking the best of the photos is picking the best of the best.

And so, the best of the best of our day in a rental car, spent driving through County Tipperary (to see the Rock of Cashel) and County Cork (to visit the Jameson Distillery, of course):

The Rock of Cashel

I've been known to read while walking. In this case, Rick Steves.

Right about here is where I exclaimed, "I'm so glad we rented a car!" Old stone things and I get along.

Isn't it picturesque?

I honestly might not have been surprised if a leprechaun had come frollicking out from behind that tree.

The town of Cashel. That hot pink cafe -- Grandma's Kitchen -- is where we had lunch.

The Jameson Distillery

If I'm perfectly honest with myself, 99% of the reason we rented a car was to go visit the Jameson Distillery, and we just happened to stop at the Rock of Cashel along the way. Maybe that's not such a bad thing...

Like the Guinness brewery, the Jameson distillery does not allow you to tour the actual working facility--though you can see its sage green towers behind the old distillery buildings. Instead, it's a tour of the old distillery buildings as they used to be--which contain the world's largest pot still--and a museum to the history of Jameson and Irish whiskey.

The most important room of all?

The home of the Master Distiller.

Someone was excited...

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