Clean Your Reader: Sign-Up Post

I'm hosting a #CleanYourReader challenge in January, the goal of which is simply to read some of those accumulated e-books that I bought when they were on super-sale and promptly forgot I owned. So without further ado... my own goals for the month:

My e-reader of choice...

... is a Nook. Specifically, I have the e-ink Nook and the Nook HD+. I take the little one to the beach and when I travel for long periods of time, because it stands up to the sun and holds a battery charge for long periods of time. I take the big one when I travel for shorter periods, often in place of my laptop, because it multi-tasks as a tablet. I use the Oyster app on the HD+, but I get most of my e-books through Barnes & Noble these days.

I can't say no to...

... e-books at the $1.99 price point. I buy plenty of full-priced e-books, but those are rarely impulse buys--they are books I want to read for a specific reason at a specific time, so I find them, buy them, read them. The ones that accumulate are the ones that I see and think, "Oh! I've been wanting to read that! And look--it's only $1.99! I'll buy it now so I have it and read it later when I feel like it." At which point I promptly forget about it.

My goal for Clean Your Reader...

... is to read 5 of the e-books on my reader in January. I have the benefit of being slightly ahead of schedule on my review copies, and the fact that several of the books on my e-reader are short, so I'm hopeful I can do more... but at the very least, plan to do 5. 

Are you joining in to Clean Your Reader, too? Sign up here!

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