Slumping Through November

November is usually one of my favorite months for reading. Because December tends to be such a light publishing month, I'm off the hook for most (not all, but most) of my review commitments, because those are usually due to my editor a month before pub date. Which means November can be backlist or frontlist or nextyearlist or whatever I want it to be.

Except this year, "whatever I want it to be" is apparently incompatible with "what my brain is capable of focusing on." I've read twelve graphic novels this month (the second half of the Y: The Last Man series by Brian K. Vaughan and all of Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire), and watched two full seasons of Gilmore Girls. I reviewed a few cookbooks for Shelf Awareness for Readers (really good cookbooks, too, like The Cook's Illustrated Meat Book, which, let me tell you, will make a carnivore of us all). I sloooooooowly managed to finish The Working Poor, a book about the working poor in the United States, which, while not exactly uplifting, was at least eye-opening.

And that, my friends, is it. My big month of read-what-I-like has turned into a slump month of read-very-little. The slump has also carried over into my writing, which is why my Nonfiction November posts have been up late (if at all--I missed this week's entirely), I haven't submitted to Bloggers Recommend (I forgot until this morning... deadline is the 20th), and the blog has been rather quiet overall.

I'm picking up a re-read of The Bone Season next (to prepare for the January release of the second book in the series, The Mime Order), and planning to read The Princess Bride over Thanksgiving (to complement my recent read of As You Wish, Cary Elwes' tell-all about the making of the movie). Perhaps one or both of these will kick me out of this slump in which I find myself--or perhaps not. If the former, huzzah! If the latter, I expect I'll be catching up on Blacklist and more Gilmore Girls and generally enjoying whatever is hitting the spot, as it were. And I guess that's ok, too.


  1. I've been slumping too. I think I've read a total of about 400 pages this month, and I fully blame Netflix; I have watched a few seasons of Gilmore Girls and the first three seasons of Breaking Bad, which is insane.

    I hope you bust your slump! (But there's nothing wrong with taking a reading break for Gilmore Girls.)

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  3. November has felt a little weird too. I've been reading, but not very much. It feels like I'll either sit down and read for many hours, or I just won't read at all. I can't seem to find, or make myself find, the little pockets of reading time that help me finish books efficiently. And of course there's Netflix -- I've been into Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries for the last few weeks :)

  4. My reading isn't slumping but my desire to write about what I'm reading is. So, I too am watching Netflix- namely Parks & Rec which provides the only laughs I can find lately and The West Wing.

  5. I've just started Parks & Rec in the last few weeks--about done the first season--and I'm LOVING it. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO WATCH THIS SHOW!?

  6. This has been my antidote to the house hunting blues!! I finished the series but am thinking I should start it again because it provides such consistent laughs. Andy is my favorite character.


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