European Adventures: Dublin, Ireland | Dublin Castle, St. Stephen's Green, a Literary Pub Tour

Another day in Dublin, another day of siteseeing: Dublin Castle, which is a surprisingly mismatched collection of old medieval walls, an early 19th-century church, medieval foundations, and staterooms that have hosted everything from Taioseach speeches to JFK visits. And then, in case that didn't hold enough Dublin history in one place, we ventured over to St. Stephen's Green, where I promptly started reading Joyce's Dubliners, because how could I not?

Oh, yeah, and we went on a literary pub tour. Because beer + books = best.

Dublin Castle

The only remaining tower from Dublin's original medieval city walls. It's now a police museum.

Old medieval walls pressed up again modern buildings... a thing about Europe that will never cease to surprise me.

This carriage wall was actually built in the mid-19th century, but designed to look like part of the medieval castle.
Note: That green is not retouched. It's really that shade of green.

The Chester Beatty Library, because: free library with exhibits on the history of books. Duh.

One of the "new" wings of Dublin Castle, from the courtyard.

My uniform for all of our stay in Ireland: hiking/walking shoes, raincoat, jeans, sweater, bun on top of my head (none of our apartment rentals had a hair dryer...), Strand tote bag.

The kinds of photos one finds on one's camera when one lets one's husband use the camera.

Underneath the modern Dublin Castle, medieval foundations from the original city walls.
Interesting side story: There is a river that flows underneath of Dublin city, and pools of water can be seen from that river here under the castle. The river's name? Dubh Linn (pronounced "dove linn", which means "black water" in Irish Gaelic); the now-buried river is what gives the city its name.

For contrast: one of the staterooms in the castle above (this is where JFK was hosted when he visited Dublin). This is a mere three stories above those medieval walls, but centuries away.
All of the rooms are about this decadent, though we realized after a few photos that we weren't supposed to be taking photos in there. 

St. Stephen's Green

You know how you hear about how green Ireland is? Well, yeah. Those rumors are true. (Even more true in the countryside, but even Dublin is remarkably green.)

The husband and his authorly idol.
Quite possibly the best sandwich I have ever, ever eaten. That bread is called a blaa (not a typo), and I am making it my life mission to learn how to make it. 
Because it's not self-explanatory: The Famine Memorial. 

Seriously, those colors though.

No really. That ivy.
Believe you me this is what had me breaking out Dubliners as soon as we got back to our apartment.

Literary Pub Tour

I'll admit I didn't take many pictures on this tour (too busy drinking beers and soaking in the literary trivia), but if you ever find yourself in Dublin, I can't recommend this pair enough

Trinity College at dusk.


  1. Awesome post! It is one of my biggest dreams to go to Ireland, and I will definitely be going on that literary pub tour! So cool :)

  2. How fantastic! I love the color of that ivy, gorgeous!

  3. The pub tour was a riot!

  4. Isn't the color just insane?

  5. your photos and descriptions have me salivating! Not least because now I'm anticipating my own trip to Ireland in spring '15. Never been there before so am making notes on many of the cool things you've done!

  6. Loving these photos! Dublin is such a great city- I would love to go back someday!

  7. Beautiful photos! My wanderlust. It is overwhelming.

  8. I love the photos and am so glad you had a great time but...I cannot wrap my mind around not having a blow dryer. Yes, I am that much of a spoiled American. You, on the other hand handled it fabulously!


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