30 by 30

To follow up on my 26-by-26 list, which was only semi-completed by my 26th birthday. Here are thirty things I want to try before I'm 30... tick tock, tick tock:
  1. Throw a first-annual dinner party - and second, and third... 
  2. Write 365 thank-you notes, including notes to my teachers
  3. Read all of Hemingway's works (5 down!)
  4. Plant a garden. Plant flowers. 
  5. Buy a house. With a porch. And, therefore, a porch swing. 
  6. Sail on the Chesapeake in the fall 
  7. Take myself on vacation 
  8. Make a book stack lamp 
  9. Spend the night in a bookstore 
  10. Write a book (or at least a story) 
  11. Go fishing
  12. Celebrate every week with a toast 
  13. Make apple pie from hand-picked apples
  14. Run a marathon (I blame Running Like a Girl for this one)
  15. Read 50 classics
  16. Jump out of an airplane
  17. Learn about wine
  18. Learn to take photos
  19. Knit something wearable
  20. Drink Guinness in Ireland
  21. Wear a different color every day for a month
  22. Learn a language
  23. Explore my city like a tourist
  24. Write 52 pen-pal worthy letters
  25. Go on a picnic, complete with basket
  26. See a whale
  27. Join a book club. Start a book club. Be in a book club, whatever it takes.
  28. Visit my grandparents' graves
  29. Attend a 1920s-themed party, wearing that spectacular flapper dress I happen to own
And 30, find a meaningful answer to the question, "What are you doing to change the world?"

Bonus points for reading all the books on Huffington Post's list of 30 Books You Should Read Before You're 30, which is an arbitrary 30-themed list that I selected based on nothing more than a Google search, because broadening horizons is a thing.


  1. I love your list! I've done quite a few of those things and you picked some great ones!

    One thing that might work well for your classics challenge is the Classics Club. Make your list (update it as you go if you change your mind about a book) and set a finish date. You could make your 30th birthday your date!

    1. Thanks! I started the Classics Club last year so I'm just going to roll that into this list. I guess it's a little bit cheating, since I'm about 10 books in, but OH WELL. My list, my rules! :-)

  2. What a list! It made me tired just reading it but you're young and determined so I imagine you'll get after it.

    1. Ha! It's definitely a lot, but I have four years to do it, which currently feels like AGES. Of course, two years ago when I made my 26 by 26 list, *that* felt like ages, and the time just FLEW by.


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