#24in48: Wrap-up

Whew. The second (hopefully annual?) #24in48 readathon was this weekend, and it was just as lovely as I'd hoped it would be. A host of unforeseen but mostly unavoidable plans for the weekend meant I didn't get as many reading hours in as last year, but I still managed to read for almost all of Saturday and a good portion of Sunday.
My reading location for Sunday,
when the weather finally perked up.

Hours Spent Reading: 14 hours, 30 min

Pages Read: 676, plus 3 hrs, 30 min audio

Books Read:
  • Completed Fahrenheit 451
  • Read Lexicon in practically one sitting, stopping only to drive my husband to the car repair shop and then going so far as to read the last 15 pages in the parking lot of the shop rather than driving home
  • Made a bit of a dent in Gone with the Wind, which I am enjoying but having a hard time focusing on for some reason. Anyone else have this problem with the first 100 pages?
  • Made a pretty hefty dent in the 40 hours of narration that is Gabaldon's Voyager on audio.
  • Got completely hooked on the start of Night Film only to find it had started to get under my skin and I was jumping at every noise the house made and so I gave up reading and watched two episodes of Doctor Who instead (we're still catching up on the Matt Smith years).
Dollars Raised for Charity: As with past readathons, I'm donating $0.05/page read during the readathon to a literary charity of my choosing. In order to include audio, I count it as 50 pages for an hour of listening, which is imperfect math, but it's going to have to suffice. That's a $42.55 donation for FirstBook, an organization dedicated to providing access to new books for children in need.

... I need to set aside entire weekends to read more often, and not make plans in the middle of them.


  1. It'll definitely become an annual event - and if the interest is there, a bi-annual event. I like the idea of doing this in 6 months, in February, when it's cold and gross outside and you have no choice but to snuggle under a blanket with a book. Glad you participated again, and for such a great cause :).

  2. That's an awesome amount of reading, well done :)

  3. You did great!!! So many great books you were dipping into.


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