Just Backed It: Connu

It's a wonderful thing when literary minds meet tech minds and give the literary world a fresh new idea. Like Connu, whose tagline "Read Now. Read Better." can't be easily ignored. From their Kickstarter campaign page:

"We created Connu, the new hub for contemporary short fiction. We feature one short story a day, five days a week. These aren't just any stories. They are brand-new, original, never-before-published works by the writers you know and love, and the talents they know, love, and recommend to us—all for you."

Sound intriguing? Yeah, I thought so too. I've backed the project and am excited to see it launch. The group has reached their funded amount with a few days to spare, and state that any additional dollars raised will go to continuously improving the app (Connu team, if you read this, I really, really, really hope that means an Android app!).

To back Connu yourself and get in on the early action, go here.
To learn more about Connu and their ideas, watch the video below or visit their website.

Note: I am not, nor have I ever been, financially, socially, or anti-socially associated with Connu. I have no stake in this game. I just think it's a really cool project that deserves to be shared with the reading community!

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