BEA: By the Numbers

Whew. What a whirlwind the last few days have been, but what fun to be able to attend BEA again this year.  It wasn't all perfect, but re-immersion in the world of publishing, even just for two days, has my gears turning and my head spinning in all the best ways.

I'll be writing more about the show over the course of the week -- the books, the people, the panels -- but for now, here's a quick recap of my experience by the numbers:

Books acquired: 15

Most galleys acquired from any one publisher: 4

Tote bags acquired: 2

Tote bags torn due to book weight: 1

Panels attended: 2

In-person encounters with Twitter friends: 9

Dollars spent on one slice of mediocre Javits pizza: 4

Sightings of the girls from the BEA Cupcake videos: 2

Sightings of actual cupcakes: 0

Average temperature outside: 95

Average temperature inside Javits: 50

Miles walked to/from Javits: 3

Miles walked inside Javits: I need a pedometer.

Thoughts about how grateful I was for my comfortable shoes: 100+

Literary t-shirts I now feel I must own: Approximately 12

Eye rolls with other attendees over people joining lines without knowing what they were lining up for: At least 6.

Comments made and/or overheard about the drastic reduction in the size of this year's convention: Over 20.

Missed opportunities to connect with publicists, readers, and authors because I'm far to shy in these kinds of situations: Countless


  1. Ha ha on the eye rolling ;) Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

    1. It was crazy! One woman stood in line by me for at least 10 minutes before asking what the line was for. So strange.


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