Harry Potter Readalong, All the Gifs, Book 6, and an Apology

But first, the apology! I've dropped off the face of this readalong's earth, and it's all because of Doctor Who. I started watching the series (starting from 2005) about the same time that we all started reading Book 5, and Doctor Who quickly took over my life. It was (is?) all I do when I get home from work.

I did manage to catch up on Book 6 (and by "catch up on" I mean "read all of") during last weekend's readathon, though, so here I am! I'm SO excited to have made it back to the real world (or the Harry Potter world, depending on how you choose to see it) in time for the last book. And the end of the sixth book. BECAUSE DUMBLEDORE. Even though I knew this was coming, it was still ALL THE FEELS.

Actually, I may have had even more feels this time through than in the re-reads of Books 1-5 because this was the first book I was reading for only the second time (rather than the 4th or 5th or seventy-gabillionth time, I'm looking at you, Sorceror's Stone). So while I knew what was coming, I was still fuzzy on recalling all of the other details surrounding that awful, awful moment. I'd sort of even forgotten the whole Draco-is-supposed-to-do-this bit, at least until I got to about chapter 5. But I digress. Because I had been so keen on simply finding out what was going to happen in my first (and previously only) read of the sixth book, I missed a lot, which mean I had a lot more to rediscover in this book than in the others that I've read over and over again.

I've decided that the Malfoys' storyline, while brought on entirely by their own greed and self-servance (not a word, but it'll do), is also kind of heartbreaking. Narcissa (such an obvious name choice, JK) really just wants what is best for her son, and her son really just wants what any teenage boy wants--to prove he's not a child anymore, and to impress his parents (and everyone else, while he's at it). I still hate the whole lot of them, and Draco is utterly atrocious in this book (illegal curses? Come on, Snape, even you can't turn a blind eye on that one), but at least we get to see some Malfoy heart. Such as it were. 

(Question, though--if the dementors have run off, but Lucius is in jail at Azkaban... who is guarding Azkaban? And is it really as bad as it once was if the dementors aren't there to make it terrible?)

Other things that are brilliant about this book: Luna's Quidditch commentary (though I do rather miss whats-his-face from the earlier books, as he was rather funny); Fleur's undying love for Bill and Mrs. Weasley's eventual acceptance of Fleur through the olive branch that is actually a tiara (perfect!); Harry and Ginny finally getting it on in their awkward teenagery ways. I also really love Harry's continual standing up to the Minister of Magic, proving himself Dumbledore's man through and through. Warms my heart, that does.

So, I'm uber-excited for the last book, which I really, truly did not like the first time I read it, but given all the tings I realized I'd forgotten in the sixth book, I'm going into with an open mind (and lower expectations than the first time, because let's face it, I had set the imaginary bar pretty damn high when I read the seventh book the first time.) 



PS - In honor of my newfound Doctor Who addiction, all gifs above are Doctor Who themed. Sorry I'm not  really all that sorry about that.


  1. I am like you in that this was only my second read of this book so while I knew the broad storyline, I got to re-learn all of the little details. And it was great. Especially already knowing (again, in broad strokes) what happens in the last book and thus getting to look for all the Snape clues. Because man, that changed the tower scene.

    1. Oooooh yes. And when Snape gets all mad and shouts at Harry that he is NOT A COWARD. Damn. That was all the feels right there.

  2. Clearly I'm going to have to jump on this Dr Who bandwagon because it has all the gifs and all the cool kids are watching it.

    I think Draco's storyline in particular is heartbreaking. Lucius's, not so much. And Narcissa moderately so. But I think Draco could have been an extraordinary young man if he was not his father's son and living under a a different influence.

    And just why is Narcissa the only Black not to be named for a star? Is it because all of the others were dark-haired and they wanted to set her apart? No, methinks JK just wanted a really obvious name for her. Boo.

  3. Hey look at us both using a ton of David Tennant gifs!

    HOW GOOD IS DOCTOR WHO? Holy crap I've wasted YEARS on that show. Did I say wasted, I mean I used those years efficiently and successfully, watching a brilliant show.

    Right. Harry Potter!

    Luna is the greatest commentator. I love that she even put her hand up for the role because what?! But so good.

    I also want to know who guards Azkaban. Are there only some defector dementors (that's fun to say 5 times fast) or did they use some sort of spell on the whole place? Seems fishy if you ask me.

  4. Ahahahahaha, I forgot all about the episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor talks about how much he cried at the seventh book. I'm not surprised he cried. I bet I know which parts he cried at.

  5. Obviously, "Because I was watching Doctor Who" is the best excuse for not doing anything ever. I would probably understand if someone missed my wedding because of that show.

    Since this is my first time reading these books, I'm not so much curious about what details will come out in the reread as I am about what the hell actually happens in Book 7 that the movie didn't even touch on. Because I know there's a lot. But...I'm not looking forward to endless camping. Not even a little.


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