Book Expo: My Highlights

I've only attended BEA as an exhibitor in the past, which meant floor walk-arounds every few hours and limited planning around show events, panels and/or author signings (although, in case John is reading this, my boss was always awesome about letting me sneak away for the really important author signings MARY ROACH I MEAN MARY ROACH as long as it didn't leave the booth empty).

This year, though, I get to make my own show plan, which is... hard. There are some definite gaps in my current schedule, and some significant overlaps. I'm sure I won't make it to everything listed below, but here's what I have my eye on...

Friday, May 31st (Unfortunately, I can only make it Fri-Sat):

Bill Bryson (9:30AM,  #2739): Um, it's Bill freaking Bryson. Need I explain? A 9:30AM start time, of course, means I actually wake up in time to schlep all the way across town to Javits by 9:30AM).

Great 2013 Fall Fiction (10:00-10:30AM, Downtown Stage): My editor at Shelf Awareness, Marilyn Dahl, is presenting. And I've never met her in person. Hi, Marilyn!

Peter Mattei (11:00AM, #2839): When I worked at BEA, our booth was always next to Other Press, and they always have fascinating, interesting, thoughtful titles on display. I've since read several Other Press titles a year, and Mattei's The Deep Whatsis, a novel about Brooklyn hipsters, advertising agency absurdity (hello, world!), and corporate behavior is already on my Nook. Why not meet the author?

Backlist to the Future (Also 11:00AM, 1E09): How will e-Releasing Out-of-Print Works Change Reading and Publishing? This just sounds interesting.

Brandon Sanderson (3:00PM, #1557): After Sanderson took over the last three Wheel of Time books, I started to explore some of his other works -- and love them. The fantasy fan-girl in me is thrilled to meet him again (I met him once before at a signing, but we were literally #492 in a line of 500 fans, so I think the man was a touch exhausted--but still wonderful). He's signing his newest work and I'm intrigued.

Rising Industry Insiders (3:30, 1E16): This is subtitled "What Those New to the Publishing Industry Think About Its Future: Students from the NYU M.S. In Publishing Program Speak Out," which officially gives it the loooooongest subtitle of all of the events I've seen. Not sure what to expect from a panel like this, but I'm a junky for talk of the "future of publishing."

Saturday, June 1st:

J. Courtney Sullivan (10:00, #2739): Sullivan's Maine was a huge hit last year, and while I liked it, I didn't fall as head-over-heels in love as the rest of the blogosphere seemed to. That said, I'm still more than excited about her newest, The Engagements, out this summer. (Note: This one's not listed in the BEA listing of events, but Sullivan mentions it on her own website, so I hope I got the details right...)

Neil Gaiman (10:00, 1E12/1E13): I'm not sure if I'll be brave enough for the crowds anticipated at this one, but "Why Fiction is Dangerous" might be the greatest title for a talk ever. Plus... Neil Gaiman.

Chuck Wendig (1:00, #2938): This leaves a bit of a gap in the middle of the day, but perhaps that's ok. I follow Wendig on Twitter and have both Blackbirds and Blue Blazes on my Nook waiting for me to pick them up. Plus, Booth 2938 is the Osprey Group booth, and that's where I used to work, so, nostalgia.

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