My First Dewey Readathon

Guys, it's happening. I've signed up for my first Dewey readathon, and I am stoked. I have no idea what exactly I'm supposed to do all day except read a lot, but I don't really see too much of a problem with that (I'll be running in the morning, but I have an audiobook for that).

Here's what's on my list for the day:


War & Peace: I've fallen two books behind in the War & Peace Readalong, and I am determined to start catching up. I'm not sure Tolstoy is the best readathon book of all time, but I figure I can alternate between this and something lighter (see: Harry Potter) to keep my eyes from crossing.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Another readalong I'm trying to keep up with. I read the fifth book (even though I never managed to post about it) and am only half a book behind on the sixth, so I figure I can play catch-up on Saturday.

To Have and Have Not: Hemingway's on my 26-by-26 list as well as War and Peace, and while I've mostly resigned myself to not actually reading everything the man has written before my birthday in November, I'd like to get to at least more than the four books I've currently read.

Gulp: I'm sort of in love with Mary Roach, and mad that I didn't think of writing a song about her first. I'm halfway through this and hoping to finish it this weekend.

We Live in Water: I finished Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins last week, and we're picking up We Live in Water for our next Mini Long-Distance Book Club readalong. I'm hoping short stories will make for good readathon fodder.

Tiny Beautiful Things: Another one I picked up recently, and another short-form piece I'm hoping makes good readathon material.

And last, but certainly not least, some books to get me through my last 23-day stretch before my next half marathon:

World War Z (audio): I've got the new recording of the audiobook on my phone, ready to keep me company for my 11-mile training run Saturday morning. I figure after that, I'll be exhausted enough that all I'll want to do all day is read. And possibly nap. And also read.

Born to Run: I've heard this is the kind of book that makes you just want to keep running. The last few weeks before a race, I need all the motivation I can get, because the last thing I want to do when I get home from work every day is lace up my sneakers. #icandothis


Obviously I don't plan on reading all of this, and I will allow my eyes to wander over the shelves as the day progresses, but I wanted to start out with some kind of a plan. What do more experienced readathoners recommend?


  1. Good luck with your readathon-ing!

    Is the WWZ audio that you have the full unabridged version? I keep seeing the abridged one but heard they are coming out with the full one.

    1. Yes, it is! It comes out in May, I believe. I'm only about 40 minutes in but it's fabulously done so far. It's this one:

    2. Well THAT is ridiculously exciting. Brooks's website said it would be happening but he hasn't updated it since last July cos he WANTS me to go insane.

    3. Interesting! He's even part of the cast of this recording. I hope I'm right that it is unabridged -- it says unabridged when you look it up on Audible, too.

    4. It looks like it from the Powell description. A few months back I was about to buy this audibook but realized it was abridged and heard an unabridged version was coming out to go along with the movie. SUPER EXCITED

  2. Yay! So glad you can join us. This is my 2nd time hosting the readathon, and the excitement never dies -- whether I'm reading, tweeting, or hosting! Enjoy the day! And here's a link to some newbie tips if you'd like to take a look:

    1. Thanks, Andi! I'm really looking forward to it. In the past, I have ALWAYS had houseguests or been visiting family over the weekend(s) of the readathons, but this year it just worked out. Will definitely check out the newbie tips.

  3. So exciting that you're able to do it this time!

    It looks like you have a really good selection of books. I always pick out 5-10 books, even though I know I'll never read them all. I just like to have options for whatever mood I'll be in.

    My only advice is to plan out snacks/caffeine, some nap time (unless you're awesome enough to last the full 24 hours!), and online time. I HAVE to plan out online-time to myself, because it's so easy to "pop online" real quick and the next thing you know you've spent 3 hrs online commenting and doing challenges and not reading!

    Eeeeee I'm so excited it's tomorrow!


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