HP#4: The Big Reveal, or, Dumbledore is Amazeballs

HPatGoF is inteeeeense, y'all. I did not remember how absolutely suspenseful the last few chapters were; even knowing how the book ends, I stayed up well past my bedtime this week to finish this section. And my, does it tug the heartstrings. There's no gentle lead-in to Diggory's death. It's just, boom, we're noble and heroic and we will share the championship FOR HOGWARTS! and then boom, Portkey and then boom, Avada Kedavra, dead.

Also, I love that we get to see Dumbledore's true badassery in this section, as he immediately figures out the Moody situation and deals with it without delay. Harry says Voldemort is back? Ok, then, let's get real about this and see what we can do to stop it. Oh, and Minerva, while we're sorting things out, go get that black dog from my office and tell him we'll be right in. Moody is really Crouch sipping Polyjuice Potion to make him look like Moody? Truth serum, stat. He also wears his scary face and brooks no nonsense. I like that in a wizard.

There is so much set up for Book 5 in the last few chapters of Book 4, it makes me all tingly inside. Not set up like Book 4 loses its way, but Voldemort comes back, we learn who really is a Death Eater (no surprises there, quite), the Weasleys are called upon to be awesome yet again, Snape goes off on some undefined errand for Dumblydorr, the mystery of Crouch is revealed, Sirius shows himself to his fellow Voldermort-haters, and we just know that things are going down. It's like it's impossible to read this scene without hearing dramatic but excited music playing in the background.

I know there are a lot of things that happen that are fascinating that aren't directly related to Voldemort's return to power (Fred & George's money, for one, and the tournament itself, for another), but I am easily distracted by dramatic crescendo-ing conclusions, and now I'm all giddy for the next book. 


  1. I love no-nonsense-let's-do-this-shit Dumbledore. It's when he's at his best.

    YAYYYYY for all the things slowly being set up! Well, except that horrible things happen in book 5. I already have my sad face on.

  2. Badass Dumbledore is the actual best. I love that he's both that guy and the incessantly twinkly guy. Go Dumbledore.

  3. Agree with Kayleigh ^ I love that Dumbledore isn't just twinkly guy or badass guy, but a nice mish-mash of the two. I can't blame everyone for feeling completely safe when they know he's near.

  4. We used the same "This is too much" GIF because it is SO APPROPRIATE for this ending.

    Dumbledore is the best both when he's twinkling and when he's bad ass. So the best all the time (except when he's putting the kids in danger which does seem to happen a lot. But mostly because there's only one Dumbles and everyone needs him so he can't ALWAYS be there)

  5. The no lead-in to Cedric's death kills me every time. Harry is too young to have to deal with that kind of unfairness! Hmph.

  6. I love how Dumbles is like, Go fetch that black dog! and McGonagall is like, OK! Like, no questions here, let's go defeat a dark lord! Way to have rallying power over your troops, D-dore.

  7. "...as he immediately figures out the Moody situation and deals with it without delay."

    I'm torn on this. Because I feel like Dumbledore had cause for suspicion way before Moody took Harry to his office at the end there. Like, would he maybe be concerned that Moody was performing the unforgivable curses in the classroom? Or maybe that's a think Actual Moody would totally do. I know not.


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