Harry Potter #4: Part the Third, or Percy Is a Swine-Nosed Imp

This week, I finally got my act together and took notes while I was reading so that I wouldn't get to the end of the week and suddenly find all the thoughts leaking out of my head. Unfortunately for me (or, actually, for you fellow readalongers), these notes didn't prove all that coherent. Case in point:

"Percy is a swine-nosed imp."
I didn't even reference a page number, so I have no idea what got me all bent out of shape about Percy (this time).

In other news, this week, we learn all about how Rita Skeeter is the absolute worst, and how Albus Dumblydorr is all about second chances: Hagrid (we knew that already), Lupin (who couldn't love Lupin?), and, it turns out, Snape (ugh, Snape).

Snape is still an asshat, Karkaroff is up to no good, and that mermaid scene underwater is actually kind of creepy, because, well, friends and loved ones knocked out and floating under water under threat of death or other imminent demise if not rescued within one hour.

I'm really glad Harry got extra points for honor, because even though they all laugh it off and pretend like of course Hogwarts wouldn't actually let someone die/disappear/be eaten by merpeople if they weren't rescued within an hour... the clue does actually say that that something "black" will happen. So good on you, Harry, for being a hero, because if we've learned anything in the last 3 books, it's that sometimes the wizarding world is more harsh than we might expect.

Other things I thought about:

- How many dots must show up on the Marauder's Map at any one time? This goes back to the maths (I blame the readalong for this obsession with the maths), but really, if it shows everyone, doesn't that make the map a little crowded? And... wouldn't it mean Harry could figure out where the other Houses' common rooms are, because there would be clusters of students there?

- Myrtle complains to Harry that sometimes she gets flushed out into the lake when someone isn't paying attention. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? First of all, gross, Hogwarts, that's pollution, you can't just flush your crap into the lake and then expect students to go diving into it to rescue their loved ones. Second of all, gross, Myrtle, just leave the toilet if someone starts using it. Third of all, I thought ghosts couldn't be affected by material things (they can't eat real food, for instance), so how could the water force her to move against her will? I don't know why I am so hung up on this, but I am.

Things are getting iffy with Crouch and Bagman, Moody is up to something, Sirius is suspicious, Hermy-own-ninny and Skeeter are going to duke it out, and the great maze challenge is upon us. I'm so excited for the rest of this book.


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    1. Seriously. It's telling that I can't even remember what particular Percy action prompted this particular swine-nosed imp reaction.

  2. Lady you have nice handwriting.

    I mentioned the map a few posts ago. My assumption is that since it mentioned harry appearing on the map it only/mostly shows nearby students or important teachers/people but who knows ?!

    I had never thought about how gross the lake is but, gross. Also, good point on the water and Myrtle.

    1. The map must only show important people, I guess that's the only way it makes sense. But maybe it's important to know that Cho Chang is in her common room at a given time, but not another time... does the map just know? I can't get over this point. I also started wondering how BIG the map must be, because they go on and on about how Hogwarts is huge, and then in this section there are references to Snape "pacing in his office" on the map, which means each room must be big enough for the dots to move within a room, not just appear to be hovering in a room... anyway, I'm clearly overthinking this.

      And the lake, yes, gross. Gross gross gross.

    2. Hogwarts IS so big. And it has multiple floors. Good thing the map is MAGIC. Maybe you can move the image around so you can look at different parts of the school.

    3. Yeah maybe it's like a tablet and you can flick through the levels/areas like pictures in a photo gallery. That way you can concentrate on the area you're in.

  3. The lake scene is so creepy but I have this irrational fear of deep water and drowning and crap (or TOTALLY RATIONAL COS DEATH) but yeah. scary times.

    There is so much wrong with the image of Myrtle being peed on and then flushed out to the lake that then people swim in. WTF Hogwarts?

    1. Yeah, I once saw a creepy Lifetime movie where a serial killer was throwing his victims in a lake and this was too reminiscent of that. I also saw said movie when I was far too young for such movies, and so, scarred for life.

      Also, poor Myrtle.

  4. I would be horrified if I were using the bathroom and there was a ghost in the toilet. Like, how drunk would you have to be not to notice a weeping ghost in your toilet?

    Also, I posit -- because otherwise it's too gross for me to handle -- that the Hogwarts toilets have some sort of magic de-wasting system that sorts out and vanishes (like the "Scourgify" spell!) all the nasty stuff before tossing the water back into the lake. Right? They have to have that, right?

    (Sigh, that made me remember when James uses the "Scourgify" spell in a flashback and it's really upsetting. Ugh.)

  5. I feel like by the Deathly Hallows, we're ALL just going to be going 'but how many people are THERE exactly? And how tall is Hagrid really?' and it's just going to be all maths all the time. MADNESS. But you make an interesting point about the map! Maybe it's just... the people who are important to the person holding the map, and then anyone else they want to see? I am totally just making this up, obviously.

    Harry is totally a hero! And I feel like it's really annoying that Ron's like 'they wouldn't ACTUALLY let us die' because THAT IS NOT NORMALLY HOW THINGS WORK! Seriouslyyy.

  6. Oh, I hadn't...thought about. The lake thing. Ew.

    Also, ok, if there're like 100 Hogwarts students, plus they're usually in their common rooms/in class/being professors, so really it's just the people doing things they're not supposed to that you notice, because they'd be off on their own. Is my thinking with the Marauders Map.

  7. I noted the whole poop in the lake thing - how did I not realize that Myrtle must CHOOSE to stay in the toilet. EUGH.

  8. Your notes are much better looking than my notes. I want to know what Percy did to upset you!

  9. Hahahaha I wondered about Myrtle too, and the whole "we flush into the lake" thing. I mean I guess they can have like a water filtration system nearby cause of electronics or something going haywire near there, but still. Then you really shouldn't go in the lake!

    And no matter what, Percy IS a swine-nosed imp! He sucks. Maybe you wrote that when he wrote that snarky letter saying he hadn't seen Crouch? I think that's about the only time he came up in this section.

  10. Myrtle has to hang out in the bowl so she can watch people go to the bathroom because she's pervy like that. Exhibit A: The Prefects' Bathroom scene.


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