Harrius Potter Readalong, Book 3, Part 0.63

This week's readalong post is supposed to be the first part of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but work got the better of me this week so I've only read about 63% of the first half of the book.  I'm also pretty beat from said work this week, have family in town this weekend, and feel a migraine settling in, so apologies in advance for the lateness and brevity of this week's post.

Things I love about HPatPoA and most definitely contribute to it being my favorite:

  • The inflatable aunt. 'Nuff said.
  • The Knight Bus: First of all, it's the Knight Bus instead of the Night Bus, which, while a touch more obvious than some of Rowling's other wordplays (Diagon Alley and Knocturn Alley, anyone?), I still dig it. Also, it has beds that are apparently not anchored to the ground as they shift around while the bus moves, and the driver doesn't seem all that good that good at actually driving.
  • The Book of Monsters that tries to eat its readers. Let's figure out a way to do this on books in our Muggle world, yes? And they say publishing is a dying industry...

I'll be back next week for the end of HPatPoA with more thoughts than my current state allows, and will hopefully be able to articulate, after re-reading this one for the umpteenth time, why, exactly, I've always thought of it as my favorite.


  1. I've always considered this book my favorite, too. I love Lupin in this book (though not at other times). Hermione gets to be in on the big rescue this time around. Snape saves this children yet again, and yet again they try to thwart him, adding to his overall angsty story arc. Plus, you know, the whole time-travel thing. Plus it's the most tightly-plotted book of the series.

  2. Hopefully you were able to beat that migraine. Blech to them.

    I love PoA. Not quite as much as OotP but it's close.


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