Reading Goals, I am Making them Public

Goals! I has 'em, and I am making them public, because it is a new year and that is, you know, a thing that you do. These are my reading and blogging goals.

100 books, 30,000 pages
I beat this last year (109 books, 37,843 pages), and while it is pretty standard to try to push ourselves beyond previous limits, I don't want to do that here. See next goal for details.

Read Better
One of the reasons I'm not upping my goal number or page count is because this year I want to read better. More books I lovegushovercan'tstoptalkingaboutwon'tstoppushingonpeople. 2012 was a good year for reading, but in compiling my best of 2012 post, I realized it was not a great year for reading. I want 2013 to be GREAT, DAMMIT.

Less Challenges
Last year, I fell one book short of completing the Back to the Classics Challenge (I never did read a play, but really, I hate reading plays, so I'm not too surprised at myself). This year (and for the next four years), I am already participating in the Classics Club, and aiming to read fifty classics in a five-year span, and that's enough for me.

More Readalongs
Unlike my own failed challenge, I participated in--and LOVED--several readalongs this year. I get a lot more from the books read communally than those read alone, and since this whole blog started in an effort to find MAH PEOPLE with whom I could talk books all day, every day, readalongs seem the perfect fit.So, readalongs, here I come. Starting with you, Harry Potter.

Write More
This year, I only wrote 158 posts (it was 172 in 2011, and a whopping 217 in 2010). And sadly, I think a lot of what I posted here in 2012 was fluff, or poorly planned, or not as thoughtful as I'd have liked it to be. I also read about 25 books that I never got around to reviewing. I'd like to hit 175 posts this year, and make a concerted effort to make them better along the way. And leave less books undiscussed.

Oh Yeah, And Hemingway and Tolstoy, Too
I have less than 12 months left to complete my 26 by 26 list, on which I included "Read all of Hemingway" (I am woefully behind) and "Read War and Peace" (I am also woefully behind). So I guess those things are happening this year. I CAN DO THIS.


  1. Yay to the Harry Potter readalong! And for hoping that 2013 will be a *great* reading year.

    1. Thanks! Same to you! May we all have great reading years!

  2. My Friend Amy s having a War and Peace readalong, if you're interested. That would take care of TWO of your goals (multitasking is good!). :-D

    You've got some great goals on this list...good luck!

    1. Oh, thanks for the heads up - off to check that out now...

  3. Those are great goals and I'm do glad you joined our Classics Club fun.


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