Goals That Do Not Involve Books

I already posted about my reading and blogging goals, but in an effort to hold myself accountable to some unseen internet force, here are my non-reading-related goals for 2013:

Eat Real Food
In 2012, I stopped eating food with high fructose corn syrup in it. No, not because I think it is evil. Because I  started to realize that they put that shit in everything (Bread, I'm looking at you.). This made me start reading labels more closely, which basically made me never want to eat prepared food again ever. So this year, I plan to do a little learning (Michael Pollan, anyone? See how I made this about books, after all?) and really focus on eating real food with ingredients I understand and could locate without the aid of a chemist.

Plan Menus
If I'm giving up on fake food, I'm giving up a lot of convenience, which means I'll actually have to use my brain at the grocery store (actually, before I even go to the grocery store), which means maybe I'll start reading the seventybagillion cookbooks we own.

Walk the Dog
We got a dog last year (we love him!) and, as we both started training for various races in the fall, slacked off with the dog walking in favor of just throwing the ball for him to get his exercise. While this does tire him out, it does not exercise the humans or improve leash behavior.

Go 1,000 Miles
I'm totally stealing this from Sharon, but I love it too much not to. Her goal: Run 1,000 miles. My goal: GO 1,000 miles (which is basically the same thing, but I plan to include walking -- see goal above -- in my count).

Own Less Things
The stuff! It just keeps growing! So, one thing in, one thing out. Preferably even two things out.


  1. I love the Go 1000 Miles and will steal it as well! I am recovering from a stupid injury (during the DNC, I still had to go to work and was trapped in downtown Charlotte and couldn't get home, thanks to a protest. So I ended up walking around with my super-heavy computer bag in dress shoes for 2.5 hours and half-tore my plantar away from my heel.) I am nearly done with physical therapy but this time of year it is so hard to try to jump-start a workout schedule that has fallen by the wayside. I also strongly recommend audio books (I can also bring this around to books!) for walking. Good luck!

  2. Brilliant goals. I need some good goals like that. I need to shift some babyweight before my wedding in September and in general just eat more healthy food. Ive already been trying to cut down on pre-packaged food at home, but I don't go too well when I am aout and about. Its muffins galore for me. Time to work on that methinks. Good luck with your goals, sounds like very sensible ones.

  3. Fantastic goals! I've found that when I actually plan meals I eat so much healthier.

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