2012: In Review, Or, Statistics Reveal My True Nerdiness

In which I reveal my true nerd cred by not only poring over the numbers and data points in my reading-tracking spreadsheet, but then develop my own infographic based on the numbers:


  1. Love this!! (Also I love all the stats you're tracking)

  2. Wow, this is the most amazing and impressive stats update I have ever seen! I want one of my own! ;)

    How do you keep track of all your stats throughout the year? Excel?

    1. Yeah... I really like data. I keep a Google spreadsheet with info by each book, which then tallies up what you see above automatically at the end of the year (and then I punched it into Infogram to make it pretty). It's basically an Excel doc but I can access it anywhere! By book, I track: title, author, author gender, year published (original year, not by edition), page count, date started/finished, whether a re-read or DNF, what category it falls into (lit fic, classic, genre fic or nonfiction), whether I already owned it/bought it/borrowed it, whether an existing TBR, and whether or not it was a review assignment or picked up by myself.

    2. Hmm, I'm intrigued! I only used goodreads last year to track my books, but it takes some work and organizing at the end of the year to compile the stats...plus it doesn't track very much either. Maybe I'll try something a little more specific this year.

  3. really cool!
    here are my own stats, with pies and charts:

  4. Oh man! I love your graphs! I wish I was better at the numbers side of things.


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