Slump, Slump, Slump

Guys, I have hit a slump. A reading slump. A writing slump. A reviewing slump. Nothing I pick up to read seems to satisfy whatever it is I am looking for (not that I could define that for you if I tried). Nothing I start to write seems to take shape. Nothing I try to review seems to make sense.

I've tried coffee, I've tried tea. I've tried re-reads, fantasy novels, big historical clunkers of nonfiction. I've tried watching television (that lasted about as long as it took to finish folding the laundry before I got antsy). I've managed to keep up with my review commitments outside of this blog, but I haven't found the magic solution to my slumps outside of that. Any suggestions??

Disclaimer: I am partially hoping that I just need to force myself to write more posts to get my groove back. Let's see if this post helps. Or hurts. Or does absolutely nothing at all!


  1. Oh, you have my sympathy! I have been there. I don't really have a solution, except to wait it out. Generally I find myself turning to old favorites when I hit a slump, but it doesn't always help; sometimes I can't even muster any enthusiasm for those.

    I'm just coming out of a bit of a slump myself. Maybe it's the November blahs.

    Have you tried chocolate?

  2. I was just coming over to suggest revisiting favorites, I think it helped me through my slump this Summer. Hope you're through it soon!

  3. Slumps are awful! I usually beat them by reading something FAR from my usual genres, or else re-reading a favoritest book. Or I just kick back and read Harry Potter fanfiction, and that can usually kick start me.

    Good luck--they can be brutal, these reading slumps.

  4. I know just what you're talking about. I'm feeling the same, but not keeping up with my reviewing at all. I'm working mostly, and writing, and what reading I do is in the morning and not for myself. And I've had the same thought: maybe blogging more often will just get me back into it. I feel so horrible about not doing it more often.

    I think slumps are telling us something, though. When we love something so much, sometimes we need to step away and take a break, and it's okay to do that, in order to allow ourselves to naturally renew interest again. It's like trying to sleep; go with the slump, do what you feel like, and soon you'll find yourself with the desire to read again, your interest will come back, etc. Sometimes we need to embrace the slumps like this. Fighting them only makes you feel guilty and stressed.

  5. I feel like a lot of people are in slumps right now so don't worry, YOU'RE NOT ALONE. I found re-reading a favorite (and light) read was a good way to get back in the swing of things. And to not try too hard to get out of the slump. It's like the more you force it, the stronger the slump's hold becomes.

  6. I can totally relate. My suggestion is to NOT pick up a classic...I'm pretty sure the fact that I'm trying to read The Count of Monte Cristo and Bleak House is not helping my blogging blahs at all.

  7. Me! Me! I was recently in a reading and blogging slump too and wrote a similar post :) Gone Girl seems to have cured said slump for now! (Although I'm still struggling with my writing slump). It must be something about this time of year as you (we) are definitely not alone in this slump, judging by lots of other people's blogs.

    Hopefully yours doesn't last too long :)


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