I Got Fancy, What?

For those of you who follow in Google Reader, via email, or via some other RSS mechanism that I don't fully understand, hop on over to the blog today to check out my redesign! I set out with the intent of migrating over to WordPress, but between paying for remapping my custom domain and arguing with the WordPress themes, I actually think I'm happier staying where I am for now.

If anyone has migrated and has any tips, I'm open to suggestions. I couldn't even find a theme that would allow me to change colors/fonts without upgrading to Pro -- I quickly lost interest/patience/knowledge/etc.


  1. I like it, too. And as for Wordpress, I migrated another blog I had from Blogger to WP and was okay. I use WP now for BB (even though I have my own hosting and domain) and so far every theme I've used has allowed me to edit the code without upgrading. I don't know what to say!


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