The Right Instruments

Image from Williams-Sonoma
My husband and I went shopping this weekend and found ourselves at Williams-Sonoma with money to spend (well, with a gift card to spend, really)

We intended to walk into the store and look for a new gadget. We don't necessarily need any gadget (next to our bookshelves, our kitchen is the most cared-for and well-stocked part of our house), but it's always fun to use gift cards on something that seems extravagant. We wandered around aimlessly, looking at the various contraptions that looked fun, but realistically, would never be used (I'm looking at you, individual pie maker, you adorable, uni-tasking thing).

In the end, we went back to basics. We left with a good supply of wooden spoons. Well-made, sturdy, durable wooden spoons. They weren't expensive. They weren't flashy. They weren't extravagant. They weren't a new toy. They weren't shaped like Star Wars characters, or adorable because of their miniature size, or out in a new, luscious color of blue. They are just spoons, but they are the right instruments. And sometimes having the right instruments for the task at hand is significantly more important than having a funky new gadget.

The things you learn at the mall.

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  1. Excellent! I love going to William-Sonoma, and I say this as the least cooking-oriented person ever. A nice simple kitchen thing is, in my opinion, a much better purchase than something fancy shmancy you'll use once in a blue moon. So I say, good decision on the spoons!


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