Oh, I get that all the time...

Ok, not all the time. But I have been emailed on multiple occasions to be told that I have chosen the wrong word for my book blog title. Since it's about books, not bugs, I clearly meant "etymology," not "entomology." Because one is the study of words, and the other the study of bugs. And here I thought I was being clever. Ah, well.

(Image from XKCD)


  1. You should just respond to those people by pointing out the rest of the blog title is "BookWORM".

    I think you're too clever for some people.

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I think maybe everyone else is clever and I just think I am, which is why they don't get it?

  2. Hahahahahahahaha. I actually make this mistake constantly (not about your blog though! I got the joke!), so I loved this cartoon.

  3. Really? I totally thought you were being clever!

    Love the cartoon :)

  4. I immediately thought of your blog when I saw this a few days ago...! And yes, I agree with everyone, you're clearly too clever for us all.

  5. Thanks, all! Glad at least some people get the title :-)


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