Book Lovers + Letter Writing = Bookmark Greeting Cards

Note: I received a sample of these cards for review from Robin Blum at In My Book, but opinions expressed here, as always, are my own. God knows I have enough of my own opinions in store without starting to publish the opinions of others, too.

There are tons of bookish greeting cards out there--there is a definite overlap between lovers of snail mail and lovers of books, after all. I've raved about my Penguin postcards in the past (I even framed some and hung them in my bedroom), and I've long been a fan of Out of Print's notecards (as well as everything else Out of Print has ever made, if I'm being honest).

So imagine my delight when I was contacted about In My Book cards, a genius combination of bookmarks and postcards in one. These nifty little cards transform from a lovely vertical card design to a bookmark with one simple tear (the folded edge of the cards are perforated for easy separation). As an added bonus, they are printed on luscious, durable card stock: fun to write on (if you're a picky pen-to-paper person like yours truly) and durable enough to withstand the test of bookmarkdom.

There are fifteen designs in all (check out to see them all), but here are a few of my favorites:

 Cards retail for $3.95 each and can be purchased directly online or at a bookstore near you.

Happy writing!

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