Billions of Cards

I have no actual facts to support this claim, but I have decided that today must be the "Black Friday" of the greeting card industry. You know, the day that they all work up to year-round, and the day that their books move from the red to the black, and then they can just coast through greeting card sales for the rest of the year. - This is the most special of the estimated one billion cards that will be sent this Valentine's Day
(via someecards, that ever-fabulous snarky card-sending site)

So, Happy Valentine's Day! Anyone doing any themed reading? Sending any awesome cards? Did you see these fun Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children e-cards (or printable cards) from Quirk Books?


  1. I made some really great Valentines! My daughter is almost 2, we filled little baggies with assorted goldfish crackers, and stapled a paper over the top that said, "Will you o-FISH-ally be mine?" :)

    Plus I also made a whole bunch of red velvet cake pops. I get a wee bit carried away by special occasions sometimes...

  2. Nothing special for me today except a candy coma later. Looking SO forward to it.

  3. Hah! I almost used the same card in my post.


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