Ann Patchett on The Colbert Report: Indies, Book Sales, and Online Recommendation Algorithms

In which Ann Patchett holds her own with Stephen Colbert on last night's episode of The Colbert Report, talking independent bookstores, book sales, and the problems with online recommendation algorithms ("People who bought this book also bought a socket wrench set!"):

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And my favorite part? When Ann throws down the gauntlet and invites Colbert to her bookstore, Parnassus Books, for a book signing party (with a shout-out to Patterson House, the best cocktail lounge I've ever been to)... then tells him that the next week, he can go to Amazon's warehouse, cut the boxes open, sign his book, and let her know which he liked better.

I visited Parnassus in January with good friend and fellow-booklover Emily, and can't recommend it enough.

P.S. You can buy signed copies of Ann Patchett's books directly from Parnassus Books here, without even traveling to Nashville!

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  1. Ha! I'd heard about this already but I just watched the video and LOVED IT. She totally won. ;)


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