Merry Christmas!

For my family, Christmas begins today with a feast of seven fishes, in the Italian tradition. I should warn everyone to stay far away for the next day or two - we've already peeled & chopped 100+ cloves of garlic in preparation, so we'll be stinking up Maryland until we get that out of our systems.

I'll be offline this weekend, for the most part, but wanted to leave you all with a little taste of Christmas humor from the other side of my family -- my very, very talented sister-in-law singing a very, very hysterical Christmas tune. And I don't just say that because we're related. Trust me, you'll be laughing out loud:



  1. Ahahaha!! That was brilliant! Your sister-in-law is hilarious! Perfect transition through the song from pleasant and optimistic to "had it up to here..."

  2. Loved it! Tell your sister-in-law she's awesome!


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