Give Bookish Thanks

This year, I am thankful for our bookish community. For finding a place online -- or rather, several places -- that share in my love for books, reading, and the printed word. I am thankful that there are teams of intelligent, passionate people who aim to make the world of the printed word jive with the era of the backlit screen.

I am thankful there are people who are able to dedicate themselves full-time to these tasks of sharing and loving and promoting books, whether it be in a publishing house, at a bookstore, or by creating a small company that promotes books online. I am thankful that there are others who are willing to spend their free time, their me-time, doing the same. I am thankful that through the combined efforts of authors, editors, agents, publishers, bookstores, bloggers, publications, and so many more, I have a house full of books waiting to be read, a world of stories I have yet to discover.

I don't care who makes money doing this, or who complains too much, or who reads what books when, or who gets reviewed where. What I really care about is that we are all passionate about one thing: books. And together, we can be thankful that that passion still exists, in all forms, despite all of the things that threaten it.


I'm off visiting family, stuffing my face, and sticking my nose in a book or six for the rest of the week. Back on Monday. Safe travels, and happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I never want to lose the online bookish community. Reading is the greatest social act and I love having blogs and Goodreads and twitter to share all that.

    Have a good thanksgiving.

  2. Amen. Have a thankful, bookish Thanksgiving!

  3. What a lovely post! Happy Thanksgiving :-) I get a lot of joy from having a relationship with the bookish bloggy community. **sigh** finally some like minded people in the world!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful I found you. A sweet post. Makes me feel part of a really lovely group.


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