A New Reading Nook

Last week, I posted about my grandmother's chair and the crazy, bizarre, meant-to-be-path that it took to get to my living room. This week, the chair came back to me again, reborn this time as a piece that not only matches my living room (which, surprisingly, does not contain anything pink) and almost looks like a piece out of the Pottery Barn catalog:

Before: Pink and Ugly and Very Cozy

After: Khaki and Pretty and Still Very Cozy

I'm looking for many more years spent curled up here with a book. Thanks, Grandma. Love you.


  1. The chair looks so great! And you're right, it does look like something out of Pottery Barn. Lovely

  2. Made me smile and sigh. I hope you get to enjoy many more years hugged by that wingback, too.


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