Do you Goodreads?

After a few months hibernating from the interwebs, I'm back with a gusto. And suddenly I find that all these sites I thought I knew... well, turns out I don't know them so well after all. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. Or maybe every bookish site I know decided to launch and/or redesign itself in the weeks I was hibernating. Even Blogger looks different now than it did before (which is a good thing, Googs!).

So now Goodreads, which I have always loved, is more dynamic than ever. Suddenly I am seeing regular updates of what my friends are reading. And Goodreads is making recommendations for me based on books I've read (because that's just what I needed - more books to read). And I can see my bookish stats. I've rated 158 books so far, and I'm currently reading 6 (6! I hadn't realized I was multitasking so badly).

So, do you Goodreads? If so, have I just been missing all of this for years, or is this new? Are we friends?


  1. I started enthusiastically with Goodreads and then it kind of piddled out and now my profile is looking a bit sparse :-) I didn't really have time and everyone seemed to be reading Twilight....maybe I should have another crack..

  2. I've always used LibraryThing but I dig that Goodreads has an app. I might be swapping over soon.

  3. I only recently started to semi-actively use Goodreads and also somewhat tentatively. Being anonymous and socially active online can be difficult at times, but I'm hoping to find a reasonable balance. It was the recommendations that pushed me to use Goodreads a bit more but I'm still struggling with certain aspects. I hope with time to work these kinks out - the site is actually a fairly good tool for keeping track of one's books...

  4. Relish - I did the same, but now I'm getting back into it, and really enjoying it.

    Christina - I started with LT a while back, but I find Goodreads easier to update. And now that Goodreads has added a recommendations section, I'm all in.

    Bibliobio - I know what you mean. I toyed with the idea of blogging anonymously at the start, but opted not to. Little did I realize how much of an impact that has when I made that decision - both good and bad. Can you register on Goodreads with a pseudonym and blog name instead of your real details? Then you could participate there just as you do in the blogging community, but without the real name & photo. Good luck!

  5. I use my pen name and Blogger photo, meaning my anonymity is relatively safe at the moment. My main issue with the anonymity was that for a while Goodreads insisted on displaying my location and then there was also my supremely stupid concern over people seeing what books I read as a kid... but I guess Goodreads is winning, because fact of the matter is that I now use it fairly regularly.


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