The Most Accomodating Bookshelf Imaginable

HOLY GUACAMOLE! If you are like me, and you organize your books by anything other than size and/or the day you put it on the shelf, these will be your new favorite bookshelves ever, because now it no longer matters if you have a book about sailboats whose author's name starts with an S and is oversized, because the oversized books will now fit on your rubber bookshelves. Oh yeah, I'm going to need those. Because god knows I don't have enough bookshelves in my house already.

via Gizmodo (via my lovely husband via Google+)


  1. Amazing! Though I could see some tottering book accidents happening... I already have that problem with my solid wooden bookshelves..

  2. You need to check out the blog He posts pictures of different bookshelves all the time. It is the most entertaining blog EVER.

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