Bookfessions Tumblr

Maybe I'm way late to this party, but have you seen the Bookfessions tumblr? The self-professed purpose of the site is so completely right up my (and I'd imagine your, if you are reading this) alley:
"These are confessions and/or thoughts of a book lover, bibliophile, book addict, reader, lover of literature, me what you will, but here they are."
The current confession count is at 702, and still climbing. Some are more fun than others, of course, but they are all gems in their own ways. A few of my favorites:


  1. Lovely! Definitely will check this out.

  2. Thanks for the link. Those look fun!

  3. Awesome. The first one almost made me teary. I might steal this to put in a LitBits post! Of course I'll lead them back here. :)

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  5. Love those 'fessions. Especially the one about not needing a bookmark.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Julia Hughes


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