Entomology of a Bookworm

In short, no, my blog's title is not a mistake. Yes, I know that entomology is the study of bugs, and etymology is the study of words. And yes, I know that people often mix the two up. And no, I will not be posting about bugs, worms, butterflies, creepy crawlers, spiders, ants, dragonflies, slugs, snails, or any other icky multi-legged things.

It's entomology (as in study of the bug) of a bookworm (as in the slang term for someone who reads a lot of books).

It's a study of a self-proclaimed (as in I announced myself) bookworm (still the slang term for someone who reads a lot of books), devouring (a metaphor for reading really quickly) the world (as in all of it) of the published (both in p-books and e-books) word (you know what words are, right?).

And here I thought I was so clever, really.

Ok, snark over. Lots of love to all of my bookworm-y readers, and sincere apologies for all the disappointed entomologists that stumble into this page.

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