Quick Roundup (Week in Reading)

Holy smokes, bookworms. I cannot believe it is halfway through April! Already! So soon! But then the weather tells me it must be - 80 degrees one day than cold and raining the next. It could not be any month besides April.

Work and life have been hectic, which means blogging and thinking about interesting things to blog about have been limited. It's a directly inverse relationship, and I fear it will always be that way.

I did manage to review Enough About Love this week, a fabulous French translation that centers on love and relationships in the most French way imaginable. I also posted my one-and-only-ever complaint about Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, which I love with my whole heart, it's fabulous and wonderful and spectacular, but in re-reading does have some noted flaws. Not that this means I do not love it, of course. Just that it means that Books 8 and 9 were a tad bit on the slow side. But now I'm almost finished with the 11th book which means I can start reading 12 & 13 which aren't re-reads but first reads and oooooooh boy I can't wait.

More interesting than either of those things, though, I had an article published elsewhere besides here! Check it out - over at Bibliobuffet I wrote about my home library and what I think it says about me as both a person and a reader.

Despite not posting much recently, I did finish Meghan Daum's amusing memoir on home ownership, Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House, during my pseudo-participation in yesterday's Readathon. Congrats to everyone who participated for reals and planned it out and even had snacks on hand (which I did none of) - you rock!

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