Great Idea Friday: Little Golden Books GOWN

Yep, that's right. Someone took Project Runway inspiration and made a GOWN - yes, a real gown - out of Little Golden Books. The skirt is made of pages, the bodice of the gold from the spines. How freaking cool is this?

The "someone" who gets credit for the design is designer Ryan Novelline. You can see the entire process of the making of the gown on his website. It's worth checking out the rest of the pictures, I promise.

And thanks to Eliza at The Book Case for featuring this story in a recent round-up of weekly links.


  1. this is kind of awesome and pretty but every time i see mention of it i have to avert my eyes. (well, except for this time - this was the first time i actually looked at the photos.) think of all the books that had to be pulled apart to make this! i don't care if they were "recycled", think of the books!

    not to be too histrionic or anything.

    -- ellen

  2. It's bee-yoo-ti-ful!


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