Game of Thrones Trailer AND Publication Date Set for Dance with Dragons

Whoooooaaaa Nellies. This week was starting to look a little glum - and it's only Monday - and then this link landed in my inbox, courtesy of the never-disappointing Shelf Awareness. HBO has released another trailer for the new HBO mini-series, Game of Thrones, set to premiere April 17. Plus, there's a sneak peek scheduled for April 3. Too bad I don't have HBO... yet. I'd embed the video for you, but I can't. So go to the EW Inside TV page to watch. It's worth it.

BUT IN ADDITION TO THAT, there's a sneaky little link at the bottom of the EW article about the trailer that leads to this amazing page for a discussion of Dance with Dragons. You know, that elusive fifth book that we've been waiting for George R.R. Martin to write for quite literally years and years and years. And it's coming. In July. Another volume for the Song of Ice and Fire series. Now, in addition to re-reading the Wheel of Time series (I'm up to book 11 on that particular venture), I have to re-read the first four Song of Ice and Fire books. But it's ok. It's a good problem to have.


Not enough Game of Thrones linkage for you? Check out the HBO page for more videos, stories, casting information, airtimes, etc.


  1. I've just re-read all of them. I was too early! Now I'll have to start again...

  2. I only started reading the series a few weeks ago and am now midway through A Storm of Swords. I plan to wait a while before diving into A Feast for Crows, just to draw out the series a little longer and amuse myself until July with the miniseries. I guess I have good timing...!

  3. Rich - But at least when you start again, you'll have an app to keep you in line...

    Bibliobio - Seriously good timing! I'll be interested to hear what you think. I've found it's a love it/hate it series. Personally, I loved it (despite some shortcomings that I can't discuss without too many spoilers). I got totally sucked into the plot.


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