Game of Thrones and Other News (A Week in Reading)

This was a big week for fans of George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. Not only did EW post a new preview of the HBO Game of Thrones mini-series (which premieres in April), but Martin's publisher finally set a release date for the fifth Song of Ice and Fire book, Dance with Dragons (July 2011). And then I discovered the Song of Ice and Fire iPod/iPhone/Droid app, which I will absolutely have on hand when I start my series re-read. Of course, I have to finish my Wheel of Time re-read first. I'm on book 10 (of 13), and I just got the library pick-up notice for the 11th, Knife of Dreams. Number 11 ends my re-read; 12 and 13 will be new to me. Can't. Freaking. Wait.

But I suppose not all of you are fantasy nerds like me, hm? In the non-fantasy world, I'm almost finished listening to The Help, which I really, really enjoyed. I have 6 tracks on the last CD left. Review to come soon. I abandoned my first book of 2011 this year - The Memory Palace - and though I was disappointed, it felt good to prioritize my reading. I've been crunched for time, and I just can't justify finishing something I'm not loving. Plus, Nancy Pearl said it was ok.

After putting that one aside, though, I found I was a bit indecisive on what to read next. So now I'm in the middle of no less than three new books: Sarah Vowell's newest, Unfamiliar Fishes (which is, like her other books, hilarious, historical, and downright awesome), an old paperback I borrowed from my dad, The World According to Garp (I've always wanted to read John Irving), and Michael Gruber's The Good Son, which I'm reviewing for Bookgasm.

And last, but not least, a(nother) quick apology for being scarce on book news and links to other's blogs. I'm still playing catch-up, and hope to be back on track this week.

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